About the Podcast

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What is this show?

How Indie Games Get Made is a narrative nonfiction podcast by Dylan Martin and Stephanie MacDonald that uses radio storytelling as a device to uncover how independent developers make video games with limited resources. The podcast was conceived in the summer of 2020 as a successor to BosBattle, which was an interview show that covered multiple facets of Boston’s video game industry.

About Dylan Martin

Dylan Martin is a professional journalist who writes about semiconductor companies for IT publication CRN for his day job. He plays video games and consumes videos and podcasts about them whenever he gets the chance, and he’s been a fan of indie games in particular since the early 2010s when games like Super Meat Boy and Spelunky emerged. He used to write about indie games for the now-defunct site Armless Octopus.

About Stephanie MacDonald

Stephanie MacDonald is a project manager for a company that develops software for clinical trials. She has enjoyed video games since she was old enough to hold a controller, flitting through varying genres throughout the years.

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