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Have a Good Indie Game Dev Story? A Podcast Awaits

Since we got the news out a month ago that BosBattle is over and we’re starting a new narrative nonfiction podcast in its place about indie game development, I wanted to make a clear call to action: We are looking for indie game developers who want to share the ins and outs of how they made a game, through the magic of audio storytelling.

We have been working with a couple of developers for the first two episodes, so I wanted to more clearly outline our intentions with this podcast and what we hope to achieve. The elevator pitch: We want to demystify the act of making games and tell the stories of their creators with a compelling and intimate storytelling experience.

Podcasts that use narrative nonfiction formats like This American Life, ReplyAll, Serial and StartUp have all influenced my desire to make a podcast that brings radio storytelling to the world of video games. But I’ve also been encouraged by the reception to Danny Dwyer’s Noclip series of video game documentaries and Jason Schreier’s Blood, Sweat, and Pixels book about what game development is really like. I also have good memories of reading David Kushner’s Masters of Doom back when I was a teen.

As I’ve stated before, we aim to focus on individuals and small teams, ideally 10 people or fewer, for our first slate of episodes — a focus that will continue until we feel we have the resources to expand the podcast’s scope. And unlike BosBattle, there are no geographic boundaries, so we expect to look well beyond Boston and even outside of the United States, as long as recording schedules can work across different time zones.

I’ve also stated the importance of diversity for the podcast. To us, that means that we want to do our best to feature people of different race, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc. When I look back on the first 10 episodes of the podcast, I want this intention to be reflected, though I know the success of this depends on our ability to convince people of different backgrounds to tell their stories in a true and respectful way.

For those interested, here’s one important thing to know: This is more involved than a typical interview show, where you do a 30-minute to hour-long interview and that’s it. We expect we will need at least two one-hour interviews per episode, and we will likely ask very granular questions about the nature of your work and business.

If you think you have a good story to tell or want to point us to someone who does, send me an email at dylanmartin89 [at] gmail [dot] com.

And just in case it wasn’t clear, when I say “us” and “we,” that means me and my wife, Stephanie MacDonald, who was my co-host for BosBattle and will be my co-host and collaborator for this new podcast. I don’t think I could do this without her.

But hey, that’s all we have to share for now. We’re looking forward to sharing our progress with the new podcast later this year.

By Dylan Martin

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