#4: Proletariat Inc.’s Seth Sivak Discusses Making a Battle Royale RPG

Remember when we briefly talked about venture capital-backed video game studios in Episode No. 2 with The Molasses Flood? For episode four, we talked to one! More specifically, Seth Sivak, who is CEO and co-founder of Boston-based Proletariat Inc.

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Seth Sivak, CEO and co-founder of Proletariat Inc.

Here are some things we talked about:

  • Why Proletariat decided to enter the crowded battle royale space with juggernauts like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
  • How Proletariat plans to use RPG and spellcasting elements to differentiate its battle royale game, Spellbreak, from the competition
  • What Proletariat learned from their first two titles: mobile strategy game World Zombination and “stream first” multiplayer action game Streamline
  • How streaming influenced the design and distribution strategy of Proletariat’s games
  • How the closure of Zynga’s Boston office led Seth and his co-founders to start Proletariat
  • Why Proletariat decided to pursue venture capital versus bootstrapping

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Hosted by Dylan Martin and Stephanie MacDonald.

Music by Jesse Gertz. Mastering by Kegan Zema.

Recorded at PRX’s Podcast Garage in Allston, Mass.

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