#3: BostonFIG’s Caroline Murphy & Oleg Brodskiy on Building Indie Game Communities

Ahead of BostonFIG Fest 2018, Boston’s premier indie game festival that happens on Saturday, Sept. 29, we talked to Caroline Murphy and Oleg Brodskiy, two organizers of BostonFIG, which originally stood for Boston Festival of Indie Games.

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Here are some things we talked about:

  • How BostonFIG started from a local meetup group out of a frustration with a much larger indie game event
  • New initiatives for education and improving access for underrepresented communities
  • What has changed at BostonFIG over the years
  • How Boston’s indie game scene is doing at diversity and what can be done to improve that
  • Favorite memories from previous BostonFIG events
  • What makes BostonFIG different from PAX East

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Music by Jesse Gertz. Mastering by Kegan Zema.

Recorded at PRX’s Podcast Garage in Allston, Mass.

By Dylan Martin

Tech writer at